Get your camera

Spotfav will place an HD camera at your preferred spot. That's it.

Well... it's not that easy. There are conditions ;-)



When you first register on Spotfav you are given 5 favs. Favs are Spotfav currency.

When browsing the website, on the top of every spot page you'll see a menu. One of the options on the spot menu is cam.

If a cam is available on the spot you'll see a flash player showing the real time stream. If your browser does not support flash, then you'll be shown a 1 frame/sec motion stream.

Also, in those spots where a meteo station is available you'll see the wind conditions and the temperature.

On those spots where no cam or meteo station is available you'll be shown a poll that asks you for a fav. You can fav cameras and meteo stations multiple times.

If minimum favs are reached then Spotfav will start a process to achieve a cam (or a meteo station) for the spot. So the most you share the spot with your friends and call them to vote, the most probable is that you get a camera on it!

Camera quality


All cameras are full HD. That simple.

Plus, most of our webcams are programmed to automatically move and zoom, so you can appreciate the detail of every part of the spot.

We will never place a low quality camera. That's not our goal.

Spotfav is aimed to give you the best tools to ensure you're going to enjoy your sport journey. If a camera is available at your spot, it will be a freaking awesome quality one.