How it works

Spotfav consists on two parts: the website (where you are right now) and the mobile app. Most of the action happens from that app.

You create spots and post weather reports from your mobile phone when you are outside. You can also check your nearby spots before going.

Then when you're at home with your computer you can browse all the spots, become fan of your preferred ones, look for users, make new friends, and post comments to the weather reports.

Using the mobile app to create a spot

You can download the mobile app from your phone's marketplace. It's available for iPhone and Android.

Once you have installed the app, you have to go to your spot.

Ok Ko

Hey! this is important

Do not upload a spot if you're not phisically located on it.
Spots created more than 100m away from its real position will be discarded.

That's all!

Your spot is now waiting for moderation. If you did everything well, Spotfav webmasters will publish your spot and you'll be its Marshall :-)

If you did something wrong then your spot will be discarded and you'll get a notification email with an explanation.

Using the mobile app to post a report

The process to post a report is also way simple

  • When you're phisically located on a spot you can report its weather status.
  • You can't post a report on a spot if you're not phisically there
  • When you post a report you can decide wether doing it publicly or not. What you share as public will be visible to everyone. What you share as private to a friend list will be only visible to people on that list.

Managing friends

This is in order to stay connected with your friends and take care of your privacy

  • From a user's profile page you can add them to friends
  • You can organize your friends in lists
  • You then share your reports and checkins only with the lists you want

In addition, you'll see your friends' activity stream on your dashboard section. You'll only see what they shared with you.

The spot page

When you browse a spot you'll see a menu on the top of the page. The sections are referring to the spot information:

  • Spot

    On this section you'll see the reports that users have posted. You'll see reports shared as public, or shared with a friend list where you are listed on. Reports shared with other lists won't be visible for you.

  • Cam

    If available, in this section you'll see an HD camera with realtime images of the spot, and a meteo station giving the wind and temperature info.

    If no cam or meteo station is available, on their place you'll see a poll asking you for a vote. If minimum voters are reached Spotfav will start the proces to achieve one.

  • Places

    A list of the local businessess around the spot, including restaurantes, hotels, surfshops...

    All places are uploaded by users, so you can contribute with any kind of business, anywhere you are.

  • Map

    An embedded map showing the spot position

  • People

    All users who posted checkins or weather reports to the spot