How places work

Spotfav places is an ecosystem of local businesses around each spot. A place can be a restaurant, hotel, shop, your city airport, a bus station or even your own office.

It's easy to upload a place, any user can do it. Once uploaded its owner will be able to claim it, in order to attach commercial offers.

How to upload a place?

You can upload a place using Spotfav mobile application.
  • Go to a bar (and ask for a beer)
  • Open Spotfav app on your mobile phone. Browse to Places and tap for a new place.
  • Fill in the place name, its location, and take a picture of it. Submit, and the place will be uploaded :-)

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As soon as our webmasters approve it, you'll see it on the Places section of your mobile phone app. It will also appear on the website, on the Places section of closer spots.

User checkins

Any user can check in on a place. Simply open Spotfav on your mobile phone, browse Places and look for your current one (upload it if still does not exist!).
Tap for a new checkin... fill in your comment, take a picture, submit. Easy!

User checkins will appear on the website, at the bottom of the place page. A place with a lot of checkins denotes an intense commercial activity!

Hey! I'm the owner of that place!

If you are the owner of a place, claim it!
  • Register at Spotfav website (if you still don't have an account)
  • Browse to the place page
  • Under the main place picture you'll find a link to make the claim.

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A small form will appear. You need to provide a contact name, and an email address or phone number. Our webmasters will approve your claim, and occassionally they will contact you to check that you're really the owner.

Once your claim is approved, you'll be able to edit your place info, add deals, and attach them to any webcam on the website. Cool heh?

  • To edit your place info, browse to its page. Click the "edit place" button.
  • Deals are shown under the main picture. You'll find a button called "add deal", click it to add a new one.
  • Be imaginative and aggressive! the idea behind all this is to atract people to your business. We can give you the tools, but it's up to you wether or not to post attractive deals!

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I want my deals to appear by your webcams

Of course, we know :-)

You have to pay to attach a deal to a webcam. That's how it works.
For now Places is on "beta phase", so you can't pay. You have to ask us for "publisher bonuses" instead, and we'll give you a big amount of them so you can fully use the system. For that pourpose, please send an email to specifying your place page, and we will give you a bunch of bonuses.

Once you get your bonus pack, follow next steps...

  • Create the deal on your place
  • After created, when editing the deal you'll see a sidebar for camera attachments. Click "Attach" button.
  • A small form will open. Select the camera and the amount of time for the attachment. It will cost 1 bonus/day each 10km distance.

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You can attach the same deal to any webcam you want, and also different deals to the same webcam. You'll get email notifications when your attachments expire.