Take a camera to your website

Do you like our cameras? Would you like to embed them into your website?

A lot of places around our spots (restaurants, hotels, campings, shops...) are taking advantage of our webcams, as they offer their visitors an image with the current status of their closest beach.

You can do the same by simply following next 3 steps:

  • Sign up at Spotfav (or register if you still don't have an account)
  • Browse the website to your preferred camera
  • Below the camera video you'll find an embedding section. Copy that code and paste it on your website!


Click image to enlarge

We count on 3 different sizes so you can choose the one shich fits better on your website. Small and medium ones are tipically used for website sidebars and small boxes. The big one is usually presented as a whole section.

Please take the one you prefer! It's completely free!