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Watch the best high definition cameras in beach spots for free

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Weather stations

Weather stations gathering real time wind samples 24/7 in your preferred spots

Custom wind alerts

Configure your preferred spots and wind conditions, get notified in a few seconds when those conditions are met

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Jaime Herraiz

North Kiteboarding
Spotfav is the essential tool if you don't want to miss a session
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Angela Peral

North Kiteboarding
I always check the cameras before going, also my alerts help me to not lose a day
Youri d49beece09fbe5c5d99f1ccb84750af46a2b4bcd48e3a155d98b8aef2b3cb087

Youri Zoon

This app is the perfect complement to the forecast websites
Kristin 0069475dcf13d612791e6d6d0d6ec065261d601c2ad972c90515097c7c0da657

Kristin Boese

North Kiteboarding
We definitely needed a tool like this. Watching the spot before going is just a luxury!