Share your cam

Spotfav is about webcams, meteo stations and meteo reporting. The most premium content are webcams and meteo stations, and we are constantly looking for new cool spots to place them.
Some people has their own webcam, normally placed on their own business close to the spot. If that's your case or you are planning to get a webcam, think about the possibility to affiliate it to Spotfav. Your webcam will have a robust streaming platform, and the biggest audience ever.

Want to do something profitable with your camera?

Promote your spot, become its sponsor, and you'll get a potential boost in your brand's visibility. Also your friends and the usual people in your spot will thank you a lot for that.

  • You need a cam
  • Cam must be HD and support standard H264
  • We need remote access to your cam setup. We will help you on this.
  • We play the rest of the music :-)

Once we set everything up we will place your logos and ads in the website and the app, so your fresh new spot truly looks like YOUR spot.

Want to enroll or get more info? contact us at